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“The team at Port Risk is ready
to help you identify, mitigate and
insure business risks.”


Port Risk was founded on the philosophy that trust and commitment are the foundation of any good, healthy relationship. Our organisation provides the widest possible range of risk management services and insurance solutions. We are a network organisation with a fixed team of employees. After all, insurance is something you do together! Customers require advice on in-depth technical matters, and Port Risk is comfortable managing the entire process. We take care of everything from A to Z. We put our customers first.

Pleased to
meet you,
Jeroen van Aalst

An entrepreneur in heart and soul, who’s main challenge it is to help customers – both businesses and intermediaries – land the best possible insurance products and control risks. Jeroen takes the customer’s point of view, rather than the insurer’s, which is part and parcel of the special approach of our seasoned team of Risk & Insurance Consultants. Instead of simply entering into any old insurance contract, we carefully explain and elucidate, making sure to manage expectations so that you can consciously decide whether or not to insure a particular risk.


Taking out insurance is not an afterthought. Unfortunately, the market today is dominated by a small number of major players. Jeroen van Aalst started Port Risk Insurance Services B.V. in 2018, in order to offer businesses a reliable alternative. We believe in bespoke solutions, openness, independence and a personal touch. Our professional team will diligently explore your insurance options together with you, in order to guarantee the continuity of your organisation in the event of an emergency, resulting in tailored advice and an appropriate insurance package.

Port Risk

We are an extension of clients with regard to covering and/or limiting risks (insurance & prevention). We are the colleague who is not employed, but with whom you can spar on an equal level. The continuity of your organization is paramount. In mutual consultation we adjust the visit frequency to the needs of your company.

“Clear, reliable and transparent advice.” When selecting providers, we carefully look at policy terms, premiums, approach to claims handling and our own experiences.”