“Port Risk makes special arrangements with financial product providers, so we can offer you competitive prices and excellent terms.”


The world is changing, and so is the insurance market. Customers expect transparency and clarity, requiring specific knowledge, skills and solutions. Rather than seeing them as a threat, Port Risk relishes the new opportunities and relishes them as new opportunities and challenges. Our customers prefer a personal approach and a clear explanation regarding what policies do and do not cover. Moreover, they prefer to be completely taken care of from A to Z. Our primary goal is ensuring the continuity of your business.


It all begins with the basics: investigating and analysing what risks your business faces with a fine-toothed comb. That’s the starting point. We will map out the various risks with Port Risk’s
Procedure Method. Based on this analysis we will explore ways to limit risks and identify which risks you wish to ensure in an extensive report.


Do you wish for your insurances to be managed properly, but don’t want to hire a full-time insurance management officer? Our insurance ‘management service’ might be what you’re looking for. With this service, we’ll take all work related risks and your insurance portfolio off your hands.

We will liaise with your insurer or intermediary – in the Netherlands or abroad. We will set up clear-cut insurance records to guarantee full transparency for your organisation. We will guide your ‘risk assessments’, fire inspections, claims processes and more from your own office.

Claims service

Port Risk feels responsible for the continuity of your business. If you are insured with us and incur damages, We will help you navigate the claims process as optimally as possible. Are you insured elsewhere or have no insurance cover? You can use our ‘claims service’. For a fee, we will assist you in the claims process.


Insurance advice is only a snapshot, which is why we believe that long-term relationships have real added value. Your business risks could change over time. If you deem it necessary, we will regularly sit down with you to determine whether your current insurance portfolio is still a good fit, giving you peace of mind.


Port Risk will first sit down with you to identify the impact of certain risks. What risks should you and do you want to hedge or limit? Thanks to our nationwide network, we are guaranteed to have all necessary knowledge and in-house expertise. If we happen to stumble on an area that we’re less familiar with, we’ll put you in touch with the right specialist.

“Insurance is something we do together.”